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Metis is a complex that involves innovative thinking, multicultural vision and a full package of professional skills. Founded in 2008, Metis keeps providing the finest interior design and design-relevant products to the customers around the PRD. Ever since the beginning, Metis insists to bring original designs in a creative way by doing different series, classic, modern, simplicity or even Eurasian. Such fabulous works decently present designer’s incredible ideas, creativity and the unique aesthetic view.
As a multi-cultural design team, Metis sees the harmony between site and building as the priority and approaches the aim by thinking flexibly and creatively.

With international vision, cutting-edge design angle and deep consideration of cultural context, Metis creates brand new interior design, building space and design relevant products for individuals and companies.
Metis never stops challenging the possibility of design by thinking how to give the space timeless value and aesthetics under the solid consideration of the site’s unique characters. Metis keeps finding the elements that would last long in such changing world and uses these elements to create timeless work.


Founder, General Manager

Graduated from the Department of Environmental Art Design, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in 1998, Eric worked as the design director in Team I and F at the JIMEI Group. Since Metis was founded in 2008, the team keeps enhancing to balance the cutting-edge design angle, international vision to a more flexible way of working, hard working and non-stop pushing the limit of creativity make the design a well combination and interpretation of eastern and western culture.
He believes that the design is closely related to life. The establishment of METIS design agency is to promote humanised design. All the design concept starts from thinking about the need of client, and design most suitable space for them. By offering design beyond client’s expectation, he has gained high credibility by many clients and designers.

Julian CORNU

Founder, Design director

Julian CORNU is a french designer who’s graduated from Europe's famous EDNA Design Institute in 2004 and from IED design academy in Barcelona, Spain in 2006.
His curiosity about the world and passion for travel brought him to China in 2007. After his first experience as product designer, Julian and Eric jointly established METIS design agency in 2008. After more than 11 years designing successful and iconic projects, Metis has became one of the most creative design institutions in Guangzhou.
As a French foreigner, he combines his unique understanding of Chinese culture and his perception of oriental aesthetics with Western culture and lifestyle, blending various elements to achieve balance in an exclusive design.
Leading the team to create a self-design style and bringing the “soul” into design process through love and passion, those are main principles that Julian pursues to create meaningful design projects!


Designers from different countries founded team Metis and such multi-cultural background gave Metis a wild open vision, better inclusiveness and deeper understanding about the importance of local culture context.

With rich experience, Metis ensures client the best solution based on their solid professional skills, responsible attitude and passionate about design.

  • Operation Manager

    • Ivy Zeng
  • Project Managers

    • Sunny Lau
    • Xiaozhou Zhong
    • Shihui Zhang
  • Designers

    • Ga Lam
    • A ZI
    • Monica Obleas
  • CAD Designers

    • Selin Yu
    • Xiaozhou Zhong
    • Shihui Zhang
    • Xiaohang Lau
  • Project Engineer

    • Sunny Lau
  • Marketing Executive

    • Koei.Ho


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