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Metis Design X 2021 Guangzhou Design Week

微信截图_20210720151213.pngAs a large-scale international design exhibition, Guangzhou Design Week comprehensively showcases tens of thousands of design products and works in the fields of design, art, creativity, home furnishing, intelligence, and design materials at home and abroad. It is the entire design industry to adapt to new trends and strengthen It is an important platform for communication and dialogue among colleagues in the design industry from all over the world, and there is an endless stream of exhibitors and visitors.


Our booth uses white as the main color, and in the way of a gallery, let the audience slowly and carefully appreciate our project works and savor the design meaning. At the same time, it also introduces the design concept and design process of the project in the most intuitive way. We also presented to you the design process of the award winning project [T11 Bussinese  Center], which attracted many audiences to take pictures.


The theme of this 2020 Guangzhou Design Week is [Happy PLAY]. We believe that in many cases, creative workers need to complete their creations in a more relaxed and free manner. If we are more "happy", our inspiration will be more "presumptuous", more "colorful", and the design works will be better.

Therefore, we fit the theme and specially designed a small gift for the exclusive design week. This gift was inspired by the memory flop game that I played when I was young. It also selected 26 color cards that best represent China from thousands of beautiful traditional Chinese colors as game cards. Of course, the gameplay is quite easy to learn and simple. The purpose of the game is to find all pairs of matching pictures. Flip the different pictures on the screen and remember their positions. Then flop two by two, if the same is the same, it will be a successful pair; if it is not the same, both will be restored to the initial state. Victory is achieved when all cards are successfully matched. This game is suitable for all ages. In addition to training memory, it can also increase the cooperation of a family and activate your brain cells!



Media reports


During the exhibition, the booth was successfully out of the circle with its rich connotation and aesthetic design, which attracted widespread media attention. Many media are particularly interested in the Metis booth.


Thank you to the "Japanese Design Station" with 5 million fans, and friends from the media such as the Real Estate Channel of Guangdong TV Station for the on-site interviews. Mr. Huang Huiyuan and Mr. Julian Cornu talked about design aesthetics and booth design inspiration during the interview.



As a Sino-French design team for the first time in Design Week, the French consulate's exhibition team and the French consul general in Guangzhou, Ms. Zhou Lijun, also paid great attention to our booth. A group of people came to visit us. Thank you very much for coming.