HK Sightseeing Tramway

Status : Concept

Location : HongKong, China 

Design Date : April 2015

Since 1904, the 1st tramcar appeared in Hong  Kong.

Tramways had already run through more than a century.

Hong Kong Tramway is a local historical icon and also the witness of Hong Kong history. It brings memories back to life.y

Design Concept    -  A Moving Museum - 

Based on the unique culture of Hong Kong tramway, the  design will focus on how to make tramway as a moving museum, like a time machine, bring tourist back to  time.

Experience old Hong Kong lifestyle inside the tramway, and enjoy the view of modern Hong Kong through the tramway window.

Lower Deck( In 1920 lower deck was dedicated to 3rd class  )

From the lower deck, tourist can be very close to the street life.

The design concept of lower deck is based on the local culture and old Hong Kong style. Creating a patchwork of different Hong Kong local icons, such as canteen, old store, old road signage…

All those icons are very attractive for the tourist and represent HK since many years.

Tourist can see and feel the present life of local citizens  outside.

And experience the old local citizens’ life inside the tramway, and bring those memories back home.

Upper Deck( In 1920 upper deck was dedicated to 1st class  )

From the upper deck, tourist can enjoy the city view clearly.

Back to 1920, there were British clubs, governmental buildings at Admiralty .

The design concept of upper deck is based on Art Deco style and the club for British officer and wealthy people in 1920.

All those elements are luxury and comfortable.Tourist can experience another lifestyle here.

Exterior Design Concept

In this 1920’s photo, the board hide the upper part of the white frame, which give a particular and unique look to the tram. From the original tram style, We enhance the white windows frame of the front part. This single detail give an original character to the tram shape but still connected to the classical one.