La Medina Restaurant

La Medina, the most unique and symbolic market culture in Morocco, also is the name of this restaurant. We used four distinctive elements of Morocco, the desert, the fez-blue, the Arabian architectural details and patterns to create a warm, welcome and local market atmosphere that would impress customers of the mysterious and exotic culture by the moment they walked in. The terrace diner area was printed by the fez-blue color and the railings and eaves were delicately carved with the mural inspired by the famous one thousand and one night. The walls inside restaurant were printed by extensive desert-yellow to simulate light and shadow effect of the dune. The lights moves on wall and furniture creates a dim atmosphere, using Morocco elements such as decorations and patterns on the floor, shelves and dome. The main focus point indoor is the gradual carving wall using the patterns of Arabia characteristics and fez-blue and also creates a visual connection with outdoor. Mezzanine is mainly used for private parties, metal carving lamps and pattern pillows on the grounds let the guests enjoy a typical dining experience.

Project Status : Completed

Project Area   :  60 Square Meters

Location         :  GuangZhuo 

Design time   :   February 2017