Shenzhen ElSA JIN Jewelry Showroom

The spatial design is based on the concept of a "treasure chest." The space is divided into four chapters, like layers unfolding when entering the exhibition hall, revealing different treasures. Each space is like a stage, showcasing the unique qualities of jewelry artworks and collections.


The design inspiration for the "treasure chest" exhibition hall comes from the traditional Chinese cultural concept of "hidden treasures." It incorporates the traditional treasure chest from Chinese culture into the exhibition hall design, combining historical culture with modern design to create a sense of classical and modern beauty. This design aims to provide a textured, meaningful, and artistic space for the exhibits.



In terms of spatial layout, a perfect symmetrical design is employed to present a sense of Chinese aesthetics, dividing the interior space into four distinct areas. Each area has a unique theme to showcase different jewelry collections of the brand, such as the "Traditional Culture" series, "Modern Art" series, and more. Each area is adorned with unique tones, decorations, and arrangements, presenting the brand's distinctive artistic enjoyment and cultural connotations.


lighting plays a crucial role as a complementary factor. Various types of lighting fixtures will be used to accentuate the exhibits, creating different lighting effects and casting dynamic shadows to enhance the charm of the displayed items.


The jewelry exhibition hall is designed to resemble an elegant treasure, evoking a dreamy and poetic experience for customers. It blends traditional and modern elements, showcasing the distinctive design aesthetic of ELSA JIN.


Project status:  Completed

Project area:  280 square meters

Project location:  Shenzhen City

Design time:  2021