Chenghao Panyu Flagship Store

The project is located in Pan Yu Sha Wan Jin Jun Hui Square, covering an area of approximately 2,000 square meters. The client's requirements are to ensure practicality internally, emphasize aesthetics externally, and incorporate creativity.



Facing the complex functions, limited floor height, visitor circulation, and the multiple conflicting relationships of jewelry production processes, Mingtuan Design overcomes the limitations of the original site through innovative design. While strictly controlling costs, they strive to achieve the best results. The goal is to create a commercial space that combines communication, exhibition, wholesale, retail, and workshops, catering to various needs within the limited space. The final outcome showcases the delicate spatial texture, highlighting the brand personality and style of Chenghao Jewelry.



The design of the original building facade has begun, incorporating a fusion of glass diamond walls and aluminum panel walls to create a completely new space. The use of glass bricks, with their transparent characteristics, not only preserves the privacy of the jewelry showroom but also adds a fresh touch to the existing old building. The facade is complemented by subtle lighting design, resembling intricately carved gemstones, emitting a subtle glow.



In the interior design, the traditional approach of large-scale showcase displays has been abandoned. Instead, by controlling the proportion of each jewelry display unit, each piece of jewelry is presented with a clean background. The overall layout follows a zigzag circulation pattern, enriched with spatial dynamics and a sense of mystery through the twists and turns of the circulation path. This creates a "treasure hunt" experience with rhythmic variations within the space. It achieves an infinite extension within a limited space, and these different functions adapt to the fluidity of the entire space, allowing people to experience different spatial sensations while browsing the store.


Project Status: Completed

Project Area: 2000 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou, China

Design Year: 2021