Guangzhou Agile Apartment

Wabi-Sabi style emphasizes individuality and simplicity, conveying an understated and profound aesthetic through delicate textures and grain. According to the preferences of the homeowner, we will integrate Wabi-Sabi design elements to create a unique and personalized space, allowing residents to experience tranquility and balance within it.


Upon entering through the entrance foyer, you step into the open and spacious main hall. Flowing curved elements are incorporated, and the use of large areas of artisanal microcement walls with native textures or textured art creates a sense of raw and rustic beauty. The comfortable and leisurely modern modular sofa becomes a focal point in the space. The arrangement between different areas is clear and layered, with the dining area seamlessly connected to the living area. The design also accommodates necessary functional zones while maintaining a clean and minimalist form to create a light and airy ambiance.



The TV background wall extends with soft curves on top, effectively eliminating the sense of oppression brought by the original volume, while also creating a coherent and layered installation that resonates with other curved structures in the space.


The master bedroom is the soulful area of the entire design. It features a sand-colored texture with a focus on understated elegance, natural ambiance, and comfortable livability.



Project Status: Under construction

Project Area: 150 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou, China

Design Year: 2022