GuangZhou Xingyao Health Experience Center

This project is an experiential center that combines lifestyle services with education. In the process of design planning and consideration, we adopt a client-oriented approach to present the spatial design with the mindset of the client. We aim to explore the possibilities of the space and create an activity space that is artistic, layered, and focused on health by paying attention to details. We want customers to enjoy a pleasant environment and have the opportunity to learn from the relevant services provided.


Partitioning the different areas according to the needs of tea art, early childhood education, and cooking zones, and considering the circulation and connectivity between these areas, has been the biggest challenge of this project. The designer breaks the boundaries of the space and divides it into different zones within the limited space, ensuring both interactivity and privacy, without causing interference.

To make the Health Experience Center more sunny and vibrant, it is advisable to maximize the use of floor-to-ceiling windows to make full use of natural light. Additionally, the landscape design should blend harmoniously with the surroundings. The strategic use of natural wood and a neutral white color palette will impart comfort and quality to the space, infusing it with vitality and energy. The decor should be elegant and refined, enhancing the overall sense of home and creating a pleasant atmosphere for people to enjoy the services and experiences provided.



Project Status: Under Construction

Project Area: 1100 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou City

Design Time: 2023