Guangzhou Coffee Cultural Space

This design concept aims to create a rugged and unique café by incorporating dark tones, industrial elements in metal, and rough textures, establishing a raw and distinctive atmosphere. To present an industrial-style ruggedness, an open and spacious layout is chosen. The café is divided into different functional areas, including a dining area, a coffee bar, and a lounge area. Through thoughtful arrangement and zoning, a distinctive rough and industrial aesthetic is created, setting it apart from popular restaurants with a unique mining-inspired style.


The overall space is characterized by dark and subdued neutral tones, complementing the rugged aesthetic. In terms of materials, rough wood, metal, and leather are used to evoke a sense of rawness. Seating options include chairs and bar stools with metal frames, paired with sturdy and rugged wooden tables. To enhance the industrial ambiance, soft and dim lighting is employed, creating a unique atmosphere through the use of pendant lights, wall sconces, and table lamps.


Project status: Completed

Project area: 700 square meters

Project location: Guangzhou City

Design time: 2021