Guangzhou Wenchangge Hotel Apartment

The building is one of the first European-style architectures in Guangzhou. Its majestic presence has inspired the designers to adopt the concept of Brutalism. It has motivated us to create a duplex hotel apartment in the Brutalist style, using rugged materials, grand geometric structures, minimalist design, contrasting elements, and tension to craft a unique and impressive space, allowing residents to indulge in the distinctive beauty of modern roughness.


With lofty ceilings, bold columns and beams, and a simplified and geometric design language, we create a grand spatial structure that exudes a striking and unique atmosphere.


In each room, we emphasize the removal of excessive decorations and intricate details, striving for simplicity and practicality. The spatial layout will be straightforward and direct, focusing on functionality and smooth flow, making practicality the focal point.


The material selection will feature rugged and raw materials such as microcement, brick, and metal, showcasing the natural beauty of texture and grain. The solidity and unpretentiousness of these materials will be the primary characteristics of the space. By combining rough textures with modern elements, we create a strong contrast and tension. Contrasting the original stone flooring with vintage furniture, we accentuate the uniqueness and diversity of the space.



Project Status: Under construction

Project Area: 2500 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou, China

Design Year: 2022