GuangZhou River Park

The creative park renovation project is located along the Pearl River waterfront. The entire park's design is inspired by the Bauhaus movement, emphasizing functionality, simplicity, and the elegance of geometric forms. By incorporating clean lines, geometric shapes, and vibrant colors, we aim to create a modern and dynamic atmosphere.


Based on different needs, the creative park is divided into commercial areas, art exhibition areas, and shared workspace areas. The commercial area provides various commercial services and retail spaces. The art exhibition area showcases contemporary artworks and hosts art events. The shared workspace area offers a space for creative individuals to find inspiration and collaborate.


By implementing thoughtful space planning and flow design, we aim to create an open and interconnected environment. The main functional areas are seamlessly connected, creating a smooth and natural flow, allowing people to transition seamlessly between different zones.


Modern materials such as glass, metal, and concrete are carefully selected to highlight the industrial characteristics. The color palette is characterized by bright and vibrant tones, with accents and contrasting colors used to add vitality and visual appeal.


Each building maximizes the use of natural light, incorporating large windows and skylights to bring sunlight into the interior. In addition, modern lighting techniques, combined with thoughtful lighting design, are employed to create a comfortable and distinctive ambiance.



Project Status: Completed

Project Area: 5000 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou City

Design Time: 2022