Guangzhou Private Villa

The interior design embraces a fresh and romantic atmosphere, incorporating unique design elements skillfully. When elegant light French style meets the pure and simple wabi-sabi aesthetic, the interior is characterized by light, soft tones to create a tranquil and cozy ambiance. The color scheme predominantly features large areas of low saturation creamy tones, offering an elusive sense of refined elegance and understated lifestyle philosophy.


Living Room: The living room exudes a sense of French romance, emphasizing symmetry and balance to convey the elegance and harmony of French architecture. Every detail reveals exquisite craftsmanship. The design of the high-ceilinged living room provides a spacious view, eliminating cluttered decorations while retaining a pure love for life and art.


Lower Level: Creating a pure and untainted space with earthy tones such as white, gray, and brown. Tranquil and serene, it decorates a cozy retreat, allowing one to seek a sense of belonging in a fresh and graceful lifestyle.


The perfect integration of indoor and outdoor French gardens gives the overall space an elegant, upscale, soft, and delicate feel. Lush green plants and the gentle touch of sunlight infuse the serene atmosphere with timeless storytelling elements of French romance. The entire project embodies the perfect combination of French art and romantic dreams, blending the elegance of French architecture with the romanticism of garden landscapes, providing residents with a comfortable and pleasant living environment.

Project Status: Under Construction

Project Area: 700 square meters

Project Location: Guangzhou

Design Time: 2022