Grace Land

Graceland sits in the center of Guangzhou City,next to the Pearl River, on the top of the site could have a full view of the Guangzhou City. Having a view of the city in such height and the four directions also refer to the long history of this ancient city, the culture flows in the design.

Based on such outstanding and unique location, the prospect of the design is making Grace land the central point and the four sub-clubs around would redefine and upgrade the city appearance. Like the time flies and space changes, from theancient southern town to the modern prosperous even to the future green, the division of the site bases on the functions and design theme, to achieve the design propose“all directions of the city, from time to time, enhancement and prosperous”

Eastern side, Zhujiang New Town, the latest central business grand area, the high-class service center, the cultural center and the assemble of international business,here gathers the tremendous buildings, making here a modern and full of commercial atmosphere. Therefore, the eastern side of Graceland was designed as a recreation area in a modern and fashion style.

Southern side, Ersha Island, the natural green heart on the Pearl River, surrounding by the water, there are a lot decent residential area and sport training living in the greens. The greens connects the Dongshan Lake Park to the Zhujiang New Town, presents a futuristic high-tech green city. The southern area of Graceland determined to show a modern leisure life style by using the green resource to build a present leisure area with sunshine, coffee and breeze.

Western side, Sai Kwan, the old Guangzhou economic and cultural center with the longest cultural hierarchy, carries the weigh of the city’s culture context with all the detail and length. Therefore such area could be the best place to show the significant unique tea culture with all kinds of detail decoration to create a quite and elegant atmosphere.

Project Status : Completed

Project Area   :  1000 Square Meters

Location        :  GuangZhou 

Design time   :  December 2013