Lang Club

Lang Club is an approximate 1000 sqm musical theme club named after one of its owner Lang Lang.

The whole club consists of 13 spaces. Application of cultural elements is a prominent feature of the design. Dou Gong, an ancient Chinese architectural element, and its elevation graphics, has been adopted as decoration applied to different areas, as a tribute to Lingnan culture.

Main spaces are all designed based on individual themes closely related to culture and art,allowing people to experience a fantasy world. For example, the Whisky Bar space is under the Chinese musical expression of “autumn moonlight over the calm lake”, in which the designer intends to create a wonderland like atmosphere.

The design of the Main Bar is inspired by “QuShui Liu Shang”, a drinking game popular amongst ancient poets/artists, and the sculptural shape of the bar resembles that of the winding stream which the game based. 

Project Status : Completed

Project Area   :  1800 Square Meters

Location        :  GuangZhou

Design time   :   2012