Kapok International Fashion City Office

Kapok international fashion city is the top apparel textile’s trading platform in the country, to have a better delivery of the brand spirit, the design concept was inspired by the fabric texture and the sewing process. Combined the fabric texture elements and modern design, the signature of apparel textile is blended into the office detail interior design.

The scheme includes landscape, architecture and interior design, every section is connected by a curve line like musical notes. Designer tried to see the eastern complicated model in a western lineal way. The design is still full of traditional cultural characters but also presents in a more modern and international way.

The design shows edgy fashion by using trendy but exaggerate popping colours and patterns and meanwhile the colour tone of the whole space keeps bright and gentle which is more comfortable for people. Such balanced design in the indoor perfectly demonstrates the unique eastern aesthetics of this project. The art of apparel textile is showed amount the designed details to meet the requirements and positioning from the client, for instance multi-layer rooftop, the woody square staff and the pattern-piercing decorated wall.

Project Status : Completed

Project Area   :  800 Square Meters

Location        :  GuangZhou

Design time   :   2014