Kint office lobby

The idea of metis was to creat a strength feeling in the Entry of Kint office, the evolution of the market in Guangzhou is really fast and every compagny has to improve their communications to be a part of this evolution, show their reactivity and modernity the primary importance to get the customer !


The Lobby we designed is about this evolution, abvious in China at the moment with the Shanghai Expo, new shapes and strength effects, this of course can not follow all the fengshui rules, the rules from the fengshui use to improve the way of life at home and in the working space, make people comfortable and efficient, it's the opposite of a good communication!


This Lobby is not a place to work or live, It's the first place see by the customer, the customer has to be surprise and shock, the better way to remember a Compagny different and more dynamic than other compagny!

Project Status :  Completed

Project Area   :   100 Square Meters

Location        :   Guang Zhou

Design time    :   2009