Grand View Golden Place NO.10

Although the gross area of this project is not very large, after the meticulous plan of the designers, this project not only possesses strong practical applicability , but also is provided with some aesthetic value , so that the modern and the lavish living space is thus presented.


In order to give prominence to the spacious sense of the space, the designers employ the modern simplified style to design this residence, not only making the interior space appear neat and tidy , but also reducing the compact sense caused by small space. The various types of collection cabinets help improve the utilization ratio. And at the same time , the moderate wood also improves the friendliness of the space , letting the fresh natural air spread in the interior space, and enhancing the comfort level of this residence .In addition to that, the application of mirrors and glass can improve the penetrability and brightness of the space ,serving a double purpose .

Project Status :  Completed

Project Area   :   60 Square Meters

Location        :   Guang Zhou

Design time    :   2010