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Pearl River Delta Celebrates Creativity and Innovation

Delta Creativity and Innovation Ceremony (DCIC) 2016 is held in Guangzhou, the heart of innovation and creativity in Pearl River Delta (PRD) Region. Organized by culture and communication innovation organization – Sanjiaoling and Let’s Cultural District, title sponsored by Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City (SSGKC), DCIC 2016 is to celebrate and reward innovation and creativity. DCIC 2016 includes two parts: a Panel Discussion on Investing in Innovation and the DCIC 2016 Award Ceremony. More than 250 delegates attend DCIC 2016 including delegates of consulate generals, chambers of commerce, scholars and business entrepreneurs across the PRD region.

DCIC Awards

The aim of DCIC is to give exposure and reward those companies connected to or based in the Pearl River Delta that excel at creativity and innovation within the following 8 categories: Architecture & Urban Development, Business & Community Services, Fashion & Retail, Arts & Cultural Industry, Information Technology, Tourism & Entertainment, Manufacturing & Industrial Design, Sustainability & Environment.

The registration for DCIC Award 2016 started from 16th February 2016. Companies wishing to take part in the DCIC Award 2016 had until the 1st June to register. After the first round, the successful nominees had to go through the competitive public voting and the professional jury rating before taking home a trophy. Members of the jury are consul generals, delegates of chambers of commerce and industrial pioneers.

After the award ceremony, Mr. Jean-Jacque Verdun, Founder of Sanjiaoling and Delta Bridges Media says, ‘This is only a beginning. The next stage is to figure out how to combine all of the new innovative ideas and to create a greater cohesion with each other to improve success for the long term and ultimately showcase the Pearl River Delta area as a whole to the world.’